Famous Fairies

Here is a list of the most popular fairies. Choose a category.

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Nickelodeon Fairies

Name Gender Show/Book
Cosmo M Fairly Odd Parents
Wanda F Fairly Odd Parents
Poof M Fairly Odd Parents
Princess Bloom of Sparks F Winx Club
Princess Stella Amore F Winx Club
Flora Chatta F Winx Club
Musa F Winx Club
Tecna F Winx Club
Princess Layla (Aisha) F Winx Club
Princess Roxy F Winx Club
Prince Sky M Winx Club
Squire Brandon Darcy M Winx Club
Riven Stormy M Winx Club
Timmy M Winx Club
Helia M Winx Club
Prince Nabu M Winx Club

The history of fairies
The term fairy derives from the Middle English word:faierie (also fayerye, feirie, fairie), a direct borrowing from Old French faerie (Modern French féerie) meaning the land, realm, or characteristic activity ... see more fairy history
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